Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maybe the spam text was right?

I just came back from my annual physical and according to this doctor's scale, I am pretty much the same weight as three weeks ago, when I first got weighed at my OB.  I am trying very hard not to OBSSESS at that number, because I think my clothes fit a little differently. I am speechless. I think if I spend too much time thinking about this, I'll stop pushing myself and I know there has been progress. Slowly. I'm still wearing the same size pants as 5 years ago, and I am probably at my fittest, so those are the things to focus on. Not that damn number. RIGHT? Please say, right!

And my helpful hint of the day: don't eat that yummy roasted broccoli with olive dish before you have your blood pressure taken. I had them take it three times, because the number was so off. It is all salt! And so delicious.

I broke down and ordered these Rag and Bone Harrow booties. I had been drooling over them and subliminal messaging really works (they are right at the entrance to Nordstrom so I can't help but see them every time I walk by). That was my big Black Friday splurge (even with discounts). They came today and I was all prepared to hate them and return them, since they were a lot of money, and I just love them. They are surprisingly comfortable and oh well. That should cheer me up! Did you know that is affiliated with Amazon?
Tomorrow I am planning to go to Tabata! I missed this past Saturday due to the holiday and I could use some massive calorie burn! Plus, if I take too many weeks off from this class, I will be very, very sorry. 

What are you all having for dinner tonight? We went to Trader Joe's the other night to stock up on my peach salsa, and they were sampling chicken parmesan bites, or something like that, and it was really good. Basically, a breaded chicken nugget, but the seasoning is very tasty. I am eating it with roasted sweet potatoes with roasted red onions and feta from Kalyn's Kitchen. I told you I am on a roasting kick, but it is so easy. But, lesson learned, go easy on the salt. I defrosted a cheesy hash brown thing that I made a long time ago for my daughter. I don't think I liked it, but she did. I'm looking forward to trying it again.