Monday, December 30, 2013

Lunch for the week and Lululemon upload 12/30

I saw this recipe in the latest issue of Self magazine and only changed it a little based on the vegetables that I had in my fridge. I roasted cauliflower, fingerling potatoes and butternut squash (yes, I am queen of roasting vegetables) and then just added in chicken sausages. It was so easy and I think I will be eating it until next year (literally). Next time I will add in roasted red onions and broccoli. Very easy and very yummy! Instead of salt, I sprinkled some pecorino romano on top.

I didn't see too much in the latest Lululemon upload that I absolutely had to have and that is a good thing because I have spent a lot this past month! I think I am holding out for some every yogi tees and that is it!

I love the striped baroque blue CRB, but certainly don't need another CRB, especially one with stripe.

I thought the Track Tee looked interesting, although it looks like every other silverescent top and it is something that has to be tried on in the store because it could be very baggy. You know, there is a fine line between baggy and maternity. This baroque blue color looks very pretty though and would love to get something in that color.

I'm not sure what my exercise plans are for the day. I had to have blood drawn this morning, since it has been a while since I have had fasting bloodwork, and I have a headache now. What is up with that? Besides me being a big baby? Plus, I think I am without a car today, so....? 

Have a great day!