Monday, December 2, 2013

Spin and Cyber Monday Lululemon upload 12/2

Black ice warnings have me up early this morning warning my daughter about the roads. Worry, worry, worry. I think I have a good five months of worry, I mean winter, ahead of me. For those of you who live in warmer climates, be very thankful that snow, ice, and sleet are not something you need to deal with. While it is wonderful to have her drive (10 years of driving to dance classes 4-5 times a week is 9 years too many), the concerns that go along with it are, well, worrying.

So I checked to see if there was a Lululemon cyber monday upload and low and behold, there is! And there is not one thing that really grabs me. Which is good because a lot of items have really grabbed me lately.

The scuba with ruffles looks interesting, but no more scubas for me. Between the price of this SE and the short cut, it is an easy pass. I'm still drooling over the Nice Asana Ruffle jacket. That I might break down and buy....
The gratitude wrap. Why is everyone going bonkers over this? It looks a little like a sleeping bag to me and I have never figured out the offset zipper, or in this case snap? I also think you might have to be tall to wear it. This has 131 reviews and it is a five star item!! I don't get it. If you own this, please let me know why you love it and if you sized down like many reviewers said to do. It looks very chic in the heathered black color. Is it supposed to be worn as a coat outside or under a coat? If it is a coat outside, then it is about 30 degrees too cold here to wear it right now. Will it fit under a winter coat?

I'm off to spin this morning since I didn't get called in to sub. Which is worse- spin or work? I'm wearing Lululemon wunder unders and a no limit tank, since spin is held in a tiny room that gets so hot the windows fog up. 

I think after spin I will be exhausted! I plan to curl up on my sofa for a while and read! I love, love, love Pendergast and he is one of my favorite characters ever. I'm so excited to read this and yet I don't want to because then it will be over and I'll have to wait a year for another book! In fact, I didn't watch Walking Dead last night because I read some of White Fire! Plus, I knew I would fall asleep in the middle. 

Dinner tonight is a new chicken recipe. It involves apricot preserves, french dressing and a lipton onion soup packet. It sounds interesting and looks easy enough. I think I will roast some potatoes and maybe even broccoli/ olives (if my stomach is better), too. I'll let you know if my picky eater child (who would be happy with mac and cheese every day of the week) eats it politely while grimacing or inhales it and asks for seconds!