Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This is what drives me nuts about Lululemon

Look, you know I love you, Lululemon, but sometimes you are so frustrating! 

I just tried on the wunder under black pique crops in 6 again, and then I decided to lay them out against a pair of wunder under BLACK crops that I ordered a few weeks ago. Look at the difference! This is all about quality control. If an item is running small due to a change in fabric, then resize the whole damn thing! I would have ordered a size up if I knew that, and now the item is gone! So a sale has been lost because of this. And I am going to return it to a store, since one is close enough to me and then the credit goes on my card almost immediately. There were no reviews on the website when I ordered it, because it was new, so how was I supposed to know? I shouldn't have to do this. Argh. I better go to the gym and work out these aggressions. But, honestly, how long does this go on for? Can you tell I am pissed?