Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank goodness for a Lululemon Bangbuster

Mine is soaked through. What a nasty visual, right? But, honestly, without it I would have had sweat dripping down my face. To match the sweat dripping on the floor. It was a good class, and the music was pumping and the instructor was really pushing us, but I was on a different bike and not near a fan, and boy did I struggle. I know, I know, excuses, excuses. My wattage was super low and I barely broke 350 calories- about 100-150 less than I was burning over the summer when I was going at least once a week. So, no more excuses! I must go at least once a week. How is that for a kick in the pants. I am certainly running out of days of the week! I'm not sure how anyone could do another class after this spin class. If you give it your all, you should be drained, right?

Anyway, I was looking over the Lululemon upload again and the mind and body kit in the exploded chevron dot pattern is super cute, but at $58, I think I will stick to the freebies that come with the "gift with purchase." I want to look at that Gratitude wrap again, but I can't get it to load. My computer must be sending me a subliminal message telling me to forget about it.

My Nespresso machine came today and I am so excited! Of course, my stomach is still a mess, so having some strong espresso might be a really bad idea, but...I don't care. I can plop down with my book and ahhh, have a latte. Of course, I have to vacuum downstairs first, set up dinner, take my daughter to the orthodontist (last time, I think!) and shower and clean up. Something to look forward to!