Sunday, December 1, 2013

Late night Centurgy

And by late night, I mean 5:15. But it is a cold, rainy/sleety night and since it gets dark so early here, it feels like midnight.  I didn't get to they gym this morning (airport, boo hop) and I haven't made it to yoga in about two weeks, so this was perfect. I could have used another hour stretching and holding poses, but I feel great. I find the ab track for centurgy short and painful! My original plan was to go early and run, but I had to wait for my daughter to get home. She was driving from far away and the roads were slippery and crowded and I was too worried to leave until she got home safely. Of course, she got home safely. But, I do worry. She is a cautious driver, but it is the other Massholes out there that are a problem.

I wore my Lululemon No limits tank and skinny will pants from a long time ago (they are nice and thick). I have had a horribly upset stomach since Thanksgiving and am bloated and gross, so this was a perfect outfit. I either need to get sick enough to be home or be over this stomach thingie. Usually, I love a good stomach bug (much better than sniffling and being congested so you can't sleep. With a stomach virus, you just don't eat or if you do, you throw up and then you are done with it. Plus, you might lose a pound or two. Right??) but this is just making me look pregnant. I'm either starving or completely full. Okay, this blog is hitting a new low point.

Tonight is the last Walking Dead for a while and I guess it is going to be a blood bath. I am one episode behind on Homeland and while it has gotten a little better, I am still playing Candy Crush (damn you level 122- it has been over a week!) while watching. Then there will be nothing on TV! I must admit to liking Sleepy Hollow. The actor who plays Ichabod Crane is very charming and cute. Don't worry, my son teased me enough about it. 

I am curious about cyber monday! I know that has an awesome deal where you get free shipping and 5 free samples. If only I needed something from her. Good night!