Saturday, December 14, 2013

Late party + late morning = no gym

That is the extent of my math skills anymore. Thank you iPhone app.

I hosted my work party last night and didn't get to bed until super late, and surprise, surprise, I slept until 10 am this morning. Wow. I am usually asleep by 10 the latest. That means I slept through every gym class I usually go to on Saturdays. Oops. I'm not sure what I am going to do today. I have a bunch of errands that must get done today since tomorrow we will surely be snowed in for most of the day. I have slept the day away.

So, I assume mostly everyone who reads this blog is aware of how to be healthy and what they need to do to make smart choices. Information is everywhere and there is all sorts of advice available. If you are seeking  motivation, I suggest Pinterest. There are blogs, instagram, books and magazines for every subject imaginable. Seek and ye shall find. If not, this sums it all up!

I am not going to give advice, but I will share with you some things that work for me, so you can see that the "struggle is real," as my daughter would say. This blog is really about highlighting my daily challenges about making those choices. I do think that everyone has good days and bad days, and maybe you won't be so hard on yourself when you see that I do too. Often, there are a lot of good days in a row, and then bam, your air conditioner breaks and you need $3500 to fix it. You might commiserate with me because we are going through the same challenges, although I hope your central air doesn't break down. What might you see on this blog? A recipe that I love. I enjoy cooking and am always looking for new recipes that are easy and tasty.  Or I might write about a quick pick-me-up: new makeup or a nail polish that stays on and looks good (still searching for the stay on part).  I will definitely write about an exercise that makes me feel sore the next day or when a workout seems very difficult. I am kindof obsessed with Lululemon. I am a strong believer that when you look good in your workout clothes, or any clothes for that matter, and I don't mean by being a size 2, you feel good. I might even write about skipping a workout. You will certainly hear about my teenage daughter and son at college. And really anything else that is keeping me up at night or has struck my fancy.

Sometimes I read other blogs and everyone is so perfect and they just went for an hour run and cooked the perfect meal and that person feels super all the time. Wow. I am so glad that you can do all that. But, that is not me and I am not able to do that! Life often gets in the way of the best made plans (getting older, work, a foot of snow tomorrow, a cable repairman that is scheduled to come between 8am -8pm, having to stay awake until your teenage daughter comes home)! Although I don't think the getting older part is going away! Ha. You have to handle those ups and downs and as a mother, I know that my children come first. Sorry, it is true. I only have my daughter for another year and a half, until she is away at college. Teenage years are the worst, and I am here to nag, confide in, and nurture her. Oops, sidetracked there for a second. So, on that note...

Well, the coffee has kicked in and it is time to start my day. Go annoy my daughter while she is on the phone, watching TV. Get ready for cup number two. Put some clothes on and fight the crowds at the food store.