Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lululemon Passage Sweater

I certainly wasn't planning to get a sweater at Lululemon, but this was so, so soft, and bum covering, that I walked out with it before I could even blink. My arms/phone are covering up the diagonal black stripes along the shoulder. I thought this would look okay with black skinny jeans and my new Rag and Bone Harlow booties. I sized way, way down.  

I tried on a whole bunch of things! So much fun! This is the Asana jacket with ruffles. I have not tried this jacket on before and it fit me very strangely- super long, a little tight across the back, and yet wide open in the front. I think I could have sized down, and looking at this picture now, I think I should have done that and it would have fit me much better. Uh oh. I might have to reevaluate that. Is this a jacket that is usually a size down?

I also tried on the wunder under ruffle crops and for an extra eight or ten bucks, I didn't think the bow was noticeable enough and I have enough black right now. I really wanted to try on the pique luon black, but my store didn't have it, so I just ordered it online. I tried on the black CRB with the bow in the back just to see what it was like and it was okay. I'm all set with black CRBs, so it was an easy pass. I did try on the new striped swiftly tank and if I were thinner, then you would hear the cash register dinging. It was very soft and lovely. I am sworn off swiftlys because I find they are not very forgiving. I did order it online in the long sleeve, as an extra layer, so I'll let you know in a week when it comes! I saw some reflector jacket, which was very expensive and I'm not sure about the material. I am lusting after this scuba, but I refuse to buy them also (they are short). All of the hats and mittens and scarves looked wonderful, but I don't need any of that.