Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm so proud of myself!

No, I didn't run three miles, or eat just salad all day. I walked into Lululemon and returned a bunch of stuff and then I walked out. Actually, I spent a little while in there and it is a good thing that I don't need more fleece sweatshirts or hoodies because there was a lot that tempted me. I was hot and mad at Burberry, so I wasn't really in the shopping mood. (The zipper on my Burberry coat, which is the warmest coat in the world, broke, but it is state law in Massachusetts that the tailor can't work on it until it is cleaned, which they don't do.  Never heard of this stupid law before. So, I lugged the coat back home to the cleaners, for $40. This means another mall trip next week. And it will take up to three weeks to fix. Stupid Massachusetts!) Deep breath!

So here are some Lululemon thoughts, since I haven't done this in a while.

Gratitude Wrap. Yuk. I know some folks love it, but I could see the stitching from the buttons. It looked like a mess, but it must fit better than it looks because everyone loves it.

Passage Sweater. I returned the grey and had to order the black online (I know, I didn't really walk out without buying anything, my store just didn't have it in stock in my size.) I think I like this a lot, but it gathered under the arms, which I didn't notice until my daughter showed me. Maybe it will be better in black. All of the "educators' were wearing it. It does make me look a little wide, though. But it is so soft!

I returned the special edition lace inspires, since I thought the lace wasn't very forgiving and it seemed to cut into my leg. I held onto the wunder under special edition with lace, since I just can't make up my mind yet. I am so happy with this holiday return policy. 

I think my store gets new inventory on Thursdays, so there wasn't much more to see. The runaway fleece looked very comfortable and had nice detailing. I am curious about the tame me tank. Is this a new tank or one that has been out before? I can't seem to keep these straight. It reminds me a little of the ta ta topper, since you can wear your own bra under it. I like that a lot, but sometimes these are a little maternity-looking. This hoodie was in the store, and it looked great. This one might be calling my name. 

Today at step I wore wunder unders and the new scoop neck with LUON. My goodness, you can't see the pattern at all, but it is the brisk bloom one, and I bought this a while ago, so I am surprised it just got uploaded. Oh well. Step was good. Knee was bad. Tomorrow I hope to get to either Barre or tabata.