Saturday, December 7, 2013

Note to self: Don't take Zzzquill

I'm just kidding, since it was the only thing that knocked me out last night and kept me knocked out. Perfect in case of an emergency, like last night, but, I was certainly feeling groggy until an hour ago. I am starting to feel almost human again, and might even get out of my pajamas to do some errands. We will see. I don't want to scare small children and putting on makeup and getting dressed might be too much work. I am cleaning my oven. But that really just involves turning a few knobs, so I guess that doesn't count.

On a happier note, my order from Tarte came today. My skin has been feeling a little dry lately and now that it is winter and I have the heat on all the time, I guess I needed a little something extra. Usually, I wear a moisturizer that has sunscreen in the morning, and that seems to be enough. Tarte was having a super deal (you know me, save a buck so I can spend it on Rag and Bone Harrow booties-haha) on CyberMonday and I remembered that I used to use this and liked it a lot. If you are worried about putting oil on your face, this is lightweight and gets absorbed very quickly. It does not make you break out at all.  I apply at night, and I also put it on my hands, cuticles, and neck. I think it is similar to Josie Maran and all of her argan oil products. I haven't tried any of her products.

Tarte describes it as a "nutrient-rich oil contains vitamin C and essential fatty acids to hydrate sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin, leaving skin even toned and smooth without a greasy feel. Pure maracuja oil is a hydrating treatment oil known for its anti-aging and healing properties for firmer, brighter, and smoother looking skin, and will not cause breakouts.

I really like Tarte cosmetics. A long time ago, I bought on QVC the amazonion clay eyeliner trio, and they stay on as well as my Laura Mercier and Nars eyeliners. I have quite the collection of eyeliners, because they tend to not stay put on me. My only complaint is that it is very thick, so it needs to be sharpened a lot to make a fine line. 

And to think that I even thought about exercising today. Oh that is funny. I guess I really needed a day like today. Tomorrow will be better.