Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back from vacation and back to reality

I am back from a lovely week in sunny, hot (for the most part) Florida where I slept late and slept well!  Where the biggest decision I had to make all week was where to have dinner. That is the life! And you know what I wore almost every night, since everywhere is air conditioned? My Lululemon black passage sweater. It was perfect! I also wore a ton of my Jcrew clothes and my AG primo leggings, so I am very happy with my purchases.

I did manage to exercise while I was away. After all, if I am eating out every night, there has to be a little bit of physical activity, even on vacation. Plus, I think I would go stir crazy if I didn't. There is a wonderful 3.2 mile loop that I walked the first morning. Actually, it was afternoon and it was so hot and sticky my daughter and I were miserable. I wore my shake and bake shorts and blinded everyone I met with my white legs. I did manage to run one mile another day and then two miles another day. Yikes, was that awful.

So, after this hot flash finishes (some things don't change), I'm going to head over to group kick! I'm wearing my Lululemon Wunder unders and an old 105 tank and energy bra of course (this tank isn't so long in the back that my whole bra and back is exposed- this one I love). Ok, the stomach has to go. The cat can stay.