Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tabata and Lululemon beautiful baroque CRB

I finally bit the bullet and cut the tags off the beautiful baroque CRB that I bought ages ago. I love this tank! It is dark enough and the pattern is busy enough to camouflage some bulges (at least in my opinion) and the fit isn't super tight. I also wore my energy bra and groove crops. 

Tabata was super fun. I like to be challenged and I like when things are all switched up. Today was both, because there was a different instructor and the class was so different. Just as hard, though, and after the warmup, I was a little nervous that I couldn't make it through the class! I couldn't even drink water because I thought it was going to come right up. I was planning to go to Power tomorrow, but she isolated biceps and triceps and I don't think I am going to be able to lift my arms up to wash my hair. 

So what happened to the Lululemon upload today? There were two, I think, new items? That's okay, because I don't want to buy anymore! 

Okay, these two are so funny and just perfect for how I feel today. I don't post too many motivational quotes, do I? Just ones that I can totally commiserate about!

By the way, I'm selling my wunder under parallel stripe crops on Ebay. My daughter looked at them and just laughed. Oh well. Have a good one!