Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I stand corrected (and I am too tired to stand)

I guess there is a difference between the SE Lululemon ruffled up CRB and the one I bought over the summer. Mine has the lace going all the way around it at the bottom and this new release only has it in the back. Hmmm. I just so happened to wear it to my weight class today, with a pink energy bra I also got over the summer. It is hard to tell from the pictures, though. No upload today? And still, what is the hoopla over that Gratitude Wrap?

I had the best intentions! I wore my running shoes and thought I could run after class, but we did so much hip, hamstring, and quad work, my legs were shot. So, I got on the boring elliptical for a half hour. 

I am hosting a big work party at my house next week and it is great motivation because I am cleaning and going though things that I have been meaning to go through! Right now I am cleaning my kitchen drawers and I must have ten zillion straws from water bottles I no longer have. And how does a utensil drawer get so dirty? Everything gets put away clean! 

Okay, so did you hear me scream about 4:30 yesterday afternoon when I finally got to sit down for Walking Dead? My daughter came running down. Oh boy. Oh boy. That is all I will say in case you haven't seen it yet. And then I watched Homeland, which is just so awful now. Enough said.

Enough of a break, I have plenty more drawers to clean and organize. Tomorrow is step! Do or die. Actually, that might be do and die!