Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best news ever! Scrunchies are back!

Yup. According to the DailyMail,  "The scrunchie revival even took to the runway during London Fashion Week at Ashish's spring/summer 2013 show, with models previewing artfully messy top knots secured in place with white, black and gold scrunchies." Marc Jacobs has some for about $32, while Missoni will sell one for about $95. I also read that Rag and Bone used scrunchies during their runway show recently.  My CVS was having a scuunci sale, so I got a few for just $5. I must admit, I love a scrunchie. I'm happy! Will you break down and wear one? If nothing else, I like sleeping with a high pony and a scrunchie  and then in the morning, when I take it out, my hair has lots of oomph!