Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm so hungry and there is nothing to eat!

I finally made it to they gym today after recovering from pulling a calf muscle and being extra busy with family and it felt good! I went to group power and upped my weight on the clean and press. Go me. I could have gone heavier with the chest, but oh well. Biceps is still a killer. Shoulders never gets easy. And now I need a nap! 

I wore my Lululemon fast track tank with polka dots. I really like the front view as the side black panels are very slimming. From the side, not so great, but that is an issue with me and not the top. I would love to be able to wear it in some other colors, but I think not. I am still waiting to hear how the energy tank fits and I love the spry color and am thinking about the ta ta topper in it. It's fun to dream!

Now I am starving and here I am writing instead of getting something to eat. I thought I was going out to eat but my plans changed. I think the fastest, easiest thing for me to do is prepare the avocado, sirracha and olive oil toast. I sound like one of my kids when I say that there is nothing to eat. Oooh, blackberries.

I must run either tomorrow or Sunday because it has been a while. I can't put it off too much longer....or can I? NOPE. 

Must go before I eat an arm off. Any ideas for quick, healthy snacks? Save me!