Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 2. Still nothing to eat!

I managed to get myself to 815 Group Power, which was pretty impressive because the puppy cooperated!  Good doggie! Of course, I forgot to get a picture of what I wore. I put on an old Lululemon Run Back on Track tank, because the idea of putting a bra on and then a top was just too much for me. How sad is that? Sometimes I feel like I am going to pull a muscle getting some bras off. And, of course I wore my groove crops. I was a little sore from running yesterday and Power on Friday, but they were mostly different tracks. I love the crouch for legs! I knew that if I went and did it on my own I wouldn't push myself enough and since I have a goal, I want to be pushed. Tomorrow I plan to run and I'll try to do a fast one. Ha. I hope you are all laughing.

I'm off to take a nap and then figure out some meals. I know I am making my favorite clubhouse burger, from I can cook the bacon at any time and then throw the burgers on the grill. Easy peasy. Plus, some delicious Alexia waffle sweet potato fries on the side and we can't go wrong. The problem is lunch. Lunch is always a problem. Any ideas? What is your favorite lunch that takes no time to put together and is going to keep me full! That's always the challenge!