Wednesday, August 7, 2013

day 5. almost off to a good start

The puppy slept until 5! I was in so much shock that after I took her out, I couldn't fall back to sleep. Damned if I do... I'm just waiting for her to finish her tasty bully stick and get ready to nap and I'm off for a run. I'm not sure if its 3 or 4 miles, and this is probably something I need to think about before I go. I'm wearing nothing fancy. Just an old pair of running shorts, a Lululemon all sport bra and a swiftly tank.

By the way, all but size 10 of the 105 singlet is sold out. For real? I hope that means that Lululemon will keep it coming, but I have no idea. I'm still hoping for some fun patterns in track attack shorts, afterall it is only August here and it is shorts weather for a long time. I did great eating yesterday, until the Peanut butter and company chocolate peanut butter started calling my name. Must make myself stop !

I think instead of counting how many days I am into this goal, I maybe should also keep track of how many days until it is my vacation. In that case, 23 and that is no time at all. Yikes. I better get going!