Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lululemon: decisions, decisions. Half price cheesecake! That's a no brainer.

I made it to the Lululemon store today and there was really nothing from today's upload in the store. I am so bummed because there were a few things I really wanted to see in person. But, on a positive note, I am over the Go With The Flow bag, because although I love it, I realized that if you put it down, it is going to fall over. There isn't really a solid base and while that may seem like a flimsy excuse, there is now the Happy Hour Hatha Bag to obsess over. In fact, it is in my cart right now.Yeah, there is a big price difference, but it looks different from other bags and a little more sturdy. Plus, I just love split pea.

 I also wanted to try on the Energy tank because I love the energy bra so much, but it wasn't on shelves yet either. I have gone a little crazy shopping lately, between the Fast Track tank and the Ta Ta topper. I just don't know what to do.  I was disappointed that there were no more Track attack shorts, either. I hope they release some more before all the fall stuff comes out and then we will probably never see these shorts again because Lululemon will "tweak" them.

The reason I got to the mall was because Cheesecake Factory was having half price cheesecake. Woo hoo. There is a little something screwy about shopping for exercise clothes and then gorging on food like that. But, in my defense, it is both lunch and dinner. We were treating my daughter for her first decent meal after being abroad for 5 weeks. What better place to pig out but at the Cheesecake Factory.

So I haven't exercised since Saturday tabata because there is something funky with my left leg. I somehow pulled a muscle and walking is a challenge after a while. So at the gym, we only did upper body because the other woman had a running injury. After an hour of core and arms, I cannot lift my arms. I hope to maybe  do spinning this week, since it looks like all other forms of impact are a no no. The old me, actually the younger me, would work through this pain, but as I get older and injuries take that much longer to heal, I am really trying to let it heal. But, boy is it frustrating!!!

Mod moves crop and fast track tank in black. 

New s'mores cheesecake. Words can't describe it!