Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Hello Carol"

Oh, that is so ominous! This Sunday I'll be on a plane and won't be able to watch Breaking Bad live. In fact, I'll probably have to wait until Tuesday. Oh, the horror!

What did you think of True Blood? I thought the whole season was pretty awful. The plot was thin and the characters seemed to change direction in the blink of an eye. Sookie hates Warlow? Okay, then go have sex with him. Jason hates vampires? Okay, go save them all. Sam and I don't even know what that woman's name is who is now pregnant? The only redeeming part of the whole season happened in the last few minutes. You guessed it. Eric sunbathing nude and giving us all an eye full. Yippee. I'm holding my breath for next year, and Eric better not be fried to a crisp. And he better be just as snarky.

I went to Hot Power Yoga this morning, for the first time in about 5 years. Yes, the Laura Mercier Longwear Eyeliner stayed on well and yes, I'm going to keep it. Oh, the yoga? I can't wait to go again. But, I forgot how much I hate downward dog. For me, it starts off as a resting pose and then depending on the class, it is definitely not. I can't believe how tight my hips are. The instructor was very welcoming and had many modifications.  It felt so wonderful and I really hope I can incorporate this class into my schedule once school starts up again. I think my body really needs it!

I'm off first thing in the morning. I think I will be too busy to run, although the hotel has a gym and I am bringing my stuff. I'll be back and after eating cajun food and breakfast, lunch and dinner out, I'll be ready to hit the gym hard and go back to eating clean. Talk to you next week!