Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I love TRX, but

my wrists tend to get sore but for lower body, nothing beats it. You can get so low into squats and lunges. My legs are talking to me now!

I wore a Lululemon no limits tank and groove crops. I didn't take a picture for three reasons: first, you have seen this outfit many, many times and second, I forgot, and third and most important, I'm feeling large. As helpful as it has been to see pictures of myself, for some reason today all I could see was what was bulging. I know, bad bad bad!

I headed over to our local Lululemon store and the 105 singlet was not in! Once again, my store only got a few new items. By the time I got home, one of the sizes I wanted to try was already sold out. I did try on the new Bliss Break Hoodie and really, really liked it! I think the venting in the back makes it not as tight as a scuba. Also, the material was super soft. I tried on the heathered black, and couldn't justify that with the voyage hoodie that I love so much, so I ordered the heathered plum/plum. I really have to see the color in person though. I also tried on the Energy Tank and it was okay. I felt a little like I was wearing a bathing suit and the sizing with the bra/waist just wasn't working out right. Anyway, I am all set with the tanks that I have been wearing, the TaTa topper and the Fast track tank. And I saw the Happy Hatha Hour bag in black and love it. I might not get it though, and hold out for a duffle. Lululemon, please step it up with the bags! I also tried on the serene tee and really liked it, but sized down since it was so billowy. It might even be another size down. The material reminded me of the clarity tank and was something I could wear every day. It has great reviews and I think I might just have to do it. Darn!

Dinner tonight is sweet potatoes, oops,  I already ate mine, and crispy fried onion chicken. I got that recipe from Cookingupnorth.com. It is tasty and easy and can be prepared in advance.

So all in all, day 4 went well. Of course, I have 4 1/2 more hours to go. Day 5 might involve a run or spin. Something to look forward to, right?