Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ooh, so many Lululemon goodies uploaded!

I am expecting a delivery today with my 105 singlet, and then I'll know what size I am. I'm so glad the tank is "reasonably" priced, since it is really just a shell. Then I am loving that plum! I also ordered the midnight iris CRB, but have to see if it is one of the tighter fitting tanks or looser ones, see previous Lululemon rant if you are wondering what I am talking about!

Also interested in the astro shorts as they look a a little like the knockout shorts from ages ago. Loved those, too. I've read on lululmum.com that the shake and break shorts fit like the track attack, and I've got my fingers crossed. The midnight iris black with yellow is calling my name!

I thought the Bliss Break Wrap looked pretty awful and I don't even know where to begin with that Half cut pullover. I liked the Race me short sleeve very much and the Track to reality pants! I have a pair of tea lounge sweat pants from a few years ago which I live in, but are getting a little stretched out.

The scarves never do it for me. Since I am short, I often feel like when I wear one, I am all scarf. I'm sure there is a way to wear it, though, that doesn't give this effect. It always looks so good on the models.

I am NOT going to run to the store today, since I think I have learned my lesson. Where or where are you fedex truck???