Thursday, August 8, 2013

22 days to go and a big uh oh.

I just realized that although I have 22 days until I'm in a bathing suit, I am going to be in New Orleans for 4 of those 22! I think while I'm there, all attempts to eat healthy are going to fly right out the window. I'm also having company for a few days and my daughter will be back, so there will be more food in the house and more eating out. I better really focus the next week before all hell starts to break loose. 

I'm one big stripe! Lululemon mod moves crop, energy bra and black and white striped CRB. I'm off to group kick in a little bit. The puppy slept til 5 so I'm feeling good, except my leg is acting a little funky. Oh the aches and pains are getting worse! So while I won't mind not exercising for a few days to let my body recover, weight loss is mostly about food choices and I don't think I'm going to be able to do much about that. But it will be so fun!

The two bags that I have been obsessing over and on WMTM, but after looking at these college bills that are on the horizon, I'm going to pass. OUCH. I really don't need another bag, I'm just sick of the one I have. Oh well.