Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 4- I'm ready to go!

Had an almost decent night sleep, so I can't use the excuse, "I'm too tired..." Anyway, taking a nap in the late afternoon has been working out just fine. Whenever this puppy starts sleeping through the night, and when is that ????, my sleep patterns are going to be completely off.

I'm going to take my class with our trainer and hope I am not too wiped later because I want to shoot over to the Lululemon store to see some of the new upload. I'm excited about some of the pieces, 105 singlet especially, and some of the colors in the CRB, but seeing the color plum means summer is on its way out (even though it is still August 6 and hot, hot, hot). Guess they aren't going to upload any more shorts. I wish I bought the track attack shorts in orange. The only size sold out? Mine.

I'll post more later!

Day 4 is Take no Prisoners!