Monday, August 19, 2013

My first run in a while and....

it felt good! Although I am a little big pooped now.

So far, no aches or pains and my left leg feels fine. Mentally, I was just hoping to finish 5k and I even surprised myself by finishing a little faster than I thought I would. I mean, we are still talking extremely slow, but yay for me. So the whole time I was running, I was thinking about that TomTom Runner. If I could see all my stats on my wrist, would it make me go faster or would it just make me feel guilty? As it is now, I just look at the info when I am changing a song on my iPhone. I know where every mile breaks on my two running routes so I wouldn't need it for that.

No picture of me in my running clothes because I wore my Lululemon shorts (forget the name but they  have dots on the sides and pockets and I bought them last year- dart and dash maybe), which I really hate. I don't even want to think about them let alone see me in a photo. They are tight in the legs and give me camel toe. Why do I keep putting them on? Pockets! Energy bra and swiftly tank. Thor-lo socks of course. Asics Gel Noosa Tri still feel good on my feet.

I tried on some of my haul from yesterday and I am keeping the shake and bake shorts. Yeah, the butt might have a bit of extra material, but the rise and inseam work for me. Same goes for the astro shorts. I don't think I could actually wear them to the gym and bend over, but they are great for out and about. Still thinking about the pants.  I think they will probably go back....maybe.