Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Group step is hard! Hip Flexor- do you know where yours is?

I took step again today, for the second time in many years, and it is still hard. I'm not sure why I stopped doing it, because it was fun and I got a good workout! I am tired now!

Well I have finally identified the source of my leg pain and it is the hip flexor. I didn't know that it goes all the way down to the inside of your knee. I thought I had two separate injuries. Well, I certainly felt discomfort during step and I'm not sure if I am going to be able to run in the near future. I'm trying very hard not to work out through pain, since I know that as I get older, it takes longer to heal. But I'm so bummed! I had dreams of running on the Atlantic City Boardwalk this weekend! So fun. Having the ocean on one side and tons of people in front of me and passing me makes the time go by so quickly! Even though I am running so slowly- ha!  At least that makes the decision of buying a TomTom Runner- there is probably no running in the near future. I'm still going to group kick tomorrow, and I guess I'll see how it feels after that grueling class. Has anyone experienced this injury? How long did it take to heal? Maybe I don't want to know!

Tonight I'm making gumbo for dinner. Can you tell we miss New Orleans? The recipe comes from Paula Dean and I feel like I have been stirring and making a roux all afternoon. I hope it comes out okay! Lunch today was the overnight chunky monkey banana oats. It was so good, I even forgot to put the chocolate chips in. The house smells so it dinner yet?