Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Little Lululemon Rant

I have recently posted about the swiftly tank top and how unforgiving the material is if you are not lean and trim. I know a lot of folks have problems with snags, but that has only happened on one of my tops and it was a probably my fault anyway.  I am okay with that. This morning I was getting dressed for Group Power and I put on my pink swiftly and immediately took it off because there were too many bulges. I tried on my bright yellow one (sorry, I forget the color, but I got it last summer and you could probably see me in it from outer space), in the same size, and it fit COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Now I know Lululemon will say that different colors affect the fabric but really? Isn't this a quality control issue to make sure each and every top is exactly the same? This is the reason I didn't buy the spry blue swiftly tank, which I absolutely love, because I don't know if it is going to fit more like the pink or the neon. Same thing with some of the CRBs. I have a gingham print from this year that is so tight that I am sure seams are breaking and then I have the new soot CRB and it is long and looser. So, what's the deal?

Okay, between getting that off my chest and exercising first thing this morning, I feel better now. I went to Group Power and just took it easy on my legs, since my left leg is still a little funky. I decided to up my weight on shoulders because I have been doing this for too long and because shoulders never gets easy. Enough is enough. I might as well feel a lot of burn, instead of just a little burn. How is that for logic?

I'm looking forward to three things today: my chunky monkey overnight oats, True Blood and BREAKING BAD!

19 days until I can put my toes in the sand.