Thursday, August 29, 2013

Group Kick AND Centergy?

Since I am going away tomorrow, I doubled up on classes at the gym. It was a great idea at the time, but it is only 9 pm and I need to collapse. Plus, we need to leave the house at 530 tomorrow morning.

Group Kick is hard enough on its own, so what was I thinking? Actually, it was great! Centergy wasn't too hard and it was a great way to stretch out and cool down. Plus, the ab part was really challenging-in a different sort of way. Or maybe it was two ab workouts in one morning that did the trick, because I can feel it now! My goal is to incorporate some sort of yoga or centergy class each week, preferably hot power yoga, which I really loved. I remember the days when I could cross my legs! I also miss all those spinal rotations. I know that the warrior 1 poses helped my hip flexor. I'm hoping the new, "back to school" class schedule at the gym works for me and my schedule! Oh happy day!

Maybe I can run this weekend while I'm away? I still have my fingers crossed and I am packing everything. I remember my goal at the beginning of the summer: to run 8 miles a week, with one 3 and one 5 mile run. Well, between extreme heat and extreme pain, that number has diminished to maybe 3. That is so frustrating!

By the way, I made the best gumbo yesterday and it tasted even better today. I added plain old boring white rice to it (it was served that way to us in a restaurant in NOLA) and it was so filling! Say what you might about Paula Dean, but this recipe was super! Although I must say, it was more time consuming than I though. When it said 1 hour of cooking, I didn't know that half of that meant I had to stand by the stove and stir and stir and stir.

Are you watching the US Open? So fun. That was a great doubles tennis match with Serena and Venus. Have to go watch Nadal grimace and fix his underwear. Really?

I tried on the Lululemon DSJ and I am going to keep them, I think, although I'm still now sure what all of the hype is all about. They are super tight in the arms and torso. Does anyone know how heavy the Right as Rain jacket is? Today I wore my groove crops, CRB and energy bra. I didn't take a picture because you have seen this outfit too many times. Next week, something new!