Saturday, August 3, 2013

Countdown to vacation and getting rid of that jiggle.

I finally got to run outside and it was glorious! I know, that's not really a word I would typically use to describe running. Painful and boring and tortuous are more likely. Some days the curbs just seem like mountains, but today was good.  It was a very slow run as I just wanted to finish, especially considering the humidity, my hip flexor, and the fact that it had been about 2 weeks since I ran. My mantra today was if I could do tabata for 45 minutes, I could do this. Check.

I'm so glad I put on a Lululemon swiftly to run because I was tempted to buy one in that gorgeous spry blue color, but then I saw all the flab and remembered how unforgiving this material is. Deleted that one from my shopping basket! Plus, I really do have enough of them. I wore the dart and dash shorts and the only reason I wear them is because of the pocket. I do not like the way they fit at all- too tight in the waist and around the thigh. Still hoping for more track attack shorts because they are perfect and I wear them almost every day around the house. 

I wish there was a magic wand that could fix the area from bra line to bikini line. But I know that is really just clean eating and lots of exercise. I'm going away for Labor Day and that is my goal. Today was day 1. 26 to go. It certainly helps to have a plan and I am going to set aside some time to make up menus and exercise goals for the week. After my nap, of course. The puppy had a nightmare and took ten years off my life. Then I had to google if that was really a thing or if I dreamt it. I think it was real, but I'm so tired anymore I can't tell.