Thursday, August 15, 2013

Latest Lululemon Lovelies! HELP!

I might hate it all (because of the way it looks on me) or love it. I'm really undecided. I'm also thinking do I need another...? So here goes with what came in the mail.

The 105 singlet is really great. This color might be a bit too bright for me and I also want to see it in a size down. I already ordered one size down but just to be sure. I can't believe how quickly this sold out online and am hoping that Lululemon takes the hint.  My store better have some in stock so I can give it a try. It just might be perfect!

This is the black midnight iris multi. It fits tighter than the soot CRB that I have. It is it might be a keeper. I can't believe that you don't even see the pattern in the photos.  I am torn over this.

And then there is the bliss break hoodie in plum which is super cozy and fits very well. Do I really need another hoodie?

Of course, what did I end up wearing to group kick today? First base tank. Why? It has stripes and is a dark color, so I'm hoping that camouflages my middle.

15 days to bathing suit time and my leg is still too funky to run. Of course, I am still going to kick. And of course, I am still going to eat clean because that is really what is all about.  Right?

So let me know your thoughts on my new purchases? Since they came Tuesday I do have some time to return them, but I hate that hanging over my head. Help!