Monday, August 19, 2013

What to wear for moving in day?

I'm a slow packer and I like to set out my clothes days in advance so I can stare at it and make changes and ponder life. My kids can make these decisions at the last minute and it always ends well for them. So, this is what I have so far, and I have to laugh: everything is black and it is almost all from  Lululemon.  Not that this should be a surprise to anyone.

All day flying? studio crops, basic gap vee neck tee and voyage hoodie in case the plane is cold. How comfy is that?

Moving in day? (I think he is on the sixth floor) black clam digger Lululemon shorts from a million years ago and black clarity tank. I love that tank and it is so comfy and looks nice enough to be "real" clothes. I wish it came in plum or soot. Here me, Lululemon?

Walking around New Orleans? Which, by the way, is super hot and humid? Probably shake and bake shorts, sneakers and plain old gap tee shirts.

Crazy me, but there is a Lululemon on Canal Street!

Not to worry, I am also packing some nicer clothes to wear out to some of the restaurants, but generally, everything is scrunchable, it goes together, and can get dirty.

I remember the days, and they weren't that long ago, that I could wear fancy shoes for hours. Now, instead of my Prada wedges, I'm bringing my Reeboks (with orthotics). Can you say old lady? Next I'll be doing laps at the mall.

Actually, the shoes that I wear the most, and are almost always in the photos that I post, are by Mephisto. I had bunion surgery 10 years ago and my podiatrist told me to buy these shoes. I wear the sandals and I wear them every day, all day. They are like slippers for me. They have a wide foot and a high arch and when I put them on, I just kindof go, "Ahhhh."