Monday, July 1, 2013

Ta Ta Topper. Can't spin it to win it.

Can I still blame my exercise woes on the heat and being tired? I am going to say YES. I took a fun spin class today, but I was dying in it, and I don't normally feel that way until the last 15 minutes of a class. Ten minutes into it, I was not feeling the love and I kept looking at my calorie count and it was lower than it should be. The instructor walked around and I had her blast the fan my more problems. I looked like I went swimming. My bangbuster was completely saturated. It was a little disappointing. I looked at the woman in front of me and her calorie count was double. What? I know, I know, don't compare myself, especially since this was an off day, again. But really?

I really love this Ta Ta Topper and hope it comes out in some more great colors. The orange/pizzaz is a little to bright for me. These photos are after my sauna, I mean spin class, and you can certainly see how sweaty I got. Please, Lululemon, just for me, another color.

I think this is how I am going to sleep tonight:

Tonight's dinner is pretty easy and healthy. I am melting a little butter, pouring it over some chicken breasts, and sprinkling it with Lawry's seasoning. Along with a sweet potato, and cut up strawberries. My son will say it is boring, but that is too bad. Snack was a piece of Ezekial bread, cut up avocado and siracha. I said previously that I didn't even need the olive oil that this recipe called for, but I added it anyway since I read some magazine article that said that olive oil will help keep you full. I hope that offsets the extra calories. Regardless, it was yummy. Has anyone ever frozen avocado? I heard you could do that, but don't know if that is true.