Monday, July 15, 2013

No black Lululemon clothes today!

Well, sortof. I wore the new soot CRB, with my black 50 rep bra and black groove crops. I really, really like this soot color and am glad I got it. This picture is when I got back from the gym where I ran 4 miles. Go me! Guess what, it wasn't complete torture. I ran very, very slowly, and only paused a few times, once to turn the fan up (I had it going so hard, it sounded like an airplane taking off, but boy did I need that) and once because I accidentally hit stop. I absolutely hate when that happens and I do it enough to know better. I think what kept me going during this run was math. Yuck, right. I knew when the treadmill shut down that I had run 1.65 miles, so I had to keep figuring out how far I was going and how far I had gone. I also covered up the display so I couldn't see just how slowly and how far I had gone. Just like that day when I ran outside and kept thinking about what to name the title of that day's post. My mind was elsewhere.

Unfortunately, now I am super tired and my hip flexors are very tight and the puppy needs a walk and it is 90 degrees outside and the humidity is staggering. And I don't know what I am making for dinner. And the house is dirty and there are so many other "ands" I can add. But, it is all okay because I ran 4 miles. Everything else will get figured out...although the house can stay dirty. In fact, my priorities are definitely messed up because I will finish True Blood before I even think about cleaning this house. So there. And Eric Northman better either be naked or snarky. I don't know how I feel about Warlow yet. TBD.