Sunday, July 14, 2013

I wore something different!

I went back to bed this morning after taking the puppy out and really had to push myself to get out of that same bed. As I was lying there, realizing that the 815 Group Power class that I had planned to go to was half way over already, I got ready in about five seconds to make it to Group Kick instead. It would have been so easy to stay in bed, but I know that if I didn't go to kick, I would feel so guilty. Plus, it would be my only real physical activity all day, except for walking the puppy a million times. So off I went, in my Lululemon orange energy bra, black and white striped CRB, and wunder unders. I love this CRB, but feel a little like a referee  I think I prefer the one that is out now, but it is too similar to this one to justify. I like to think the stripes are so busy, it is camouflage to my middle. Anyway, I'm still thinking about that red one....

Got to the gym and the AC was broken, so I did kick in a room that was about 75 degrees and humid. But, I did it. I think I was so pissed off about the AC, that I did an extra kick or two. I go to the gym so I don't get too angry, and what happens at the gym? No staff to help out because it is Sunday morning. Made me...angry. I'll do some weights in the basement, I guess. Blah. Have a happy Sunday! Since I'm off for the summer, to me every day feels like Sunday!