Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What to name this post...? Back fat.

The weather was okay this morning and the puppy cooperated, so I went out for a quick, not really, run. It was cool, but very humid, but I did it. I started off thinking of different titles for this post. That kept me occupied for about one mile and the time did fly! Usually I just listen to my music and that gets me going, but my mind wondered and it felt good. Then it was time to concentrate and psyche myself up for hills. My entire route is hilly and just once I would like to know what it feels like to run on a flat road. The big hill hits me just about exactly halfway, but it felt good to be out there and I just wanted to finish. I know hills are important for training, but there are days when driveway ramps seem like hills. My time was not good at all, but all things considered, I was happy. 

This is my picture after my run- a giant sweaty mess. I wore my Lululemon purple swiftly from last year, a turquoise all sport bra from a few years ago and those black shorts with the dots that I can't think of the name of. I actually gave them to my daughter, because I didn't care for the way they fit me. I think they make my thighs look enormous, but those pockets outweigh the thighs.  And thor-lo socks, of course. I do like the all sport bra, but I think of back fat and stick with my energy bra or 50 rep bra from many years ago. 

I left the grocery store and forget to buy avocados and my blackberries exploded at the cashier. So much for snacking today. I think tonight's dinner is a coconut chicken with apricot/mustard sauce. Yum. Although now, my Keurig machine is calling my name. 

Oh, and my bobbi brown lipstick held up through all that sweat! The nude color from QVC is a little dull, but at least I don't look like I am wearing makeup when I am outside!