Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in Black! Lululemon trip :)

I didn't know what to wear to the gym today, so I started off with a swiftly pink tank and mod moves crop and just wasn't feeling the love...so I put on my plain black cool racerback and kept on the mod moves crop. I knew I could only go so many days, well one, without wearing a black top to the gym. I think if my middle were little then it wouldn't be a problem, but until that time, I'll keep singing ACDC.

But then I went to Lululemon at my mall. First off, they changed the store around so you walk in and see headbands! If I see one more girl wearing a headband...well, my daughter does so forget that. I did buy that red CRB that I had been obsessing over, but I'm not going to take off the tags. I also came home with two Fast Track Tanks, which I found to be very flattering. I bought the all black, of course, and the nimbus stripe one as well. I tried on the Track and Train also and really liked that as well. I think the Fast Track was just a little bit more slimming, maybe it's the  vertical stripe below the bust? I don't know. I also thought that it did a good job with back fat. Ooh, I just hate typing that, let alone thinking that. And, I came home with two pairs of the Track Attack shorts. You know I have been searching for good shorts for a while and these are the closest I could come to what I was looking for. No pockets, but I guess you can't have everything. I'll post pictures as I go. So, a little retail therapy turned into a lot of retail therapy. But, I do seem to wear workout clothes more than any other clothes, so there is that rationalization.

I'll get a second workout in when I take the puppy to obedience school tonight. It is too hot for her to play outside and she has a lot of energy. Should be fun.