Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another avocado adventure!

Today's snack is a variation of one I posted earlier, but just as yummy! Toasted Ezekial bread, smushed avocado and feta cheese!
I remembered to take a picture BEFORE I finished it! I've also been munching on frozen red grapes. Last night's dinner was a winner- pesto meatloaf. Really, how could that be anything but delicious.

Today at the gym we did a million lunges holding ten pound weights in our arms above our heads.  What a great way to get your heartbeat up and immediately fatigue arms. I have to remember that exercise, said no one ever.  And, it only got worse from there. 

I ordered the polka dot energy bra from Lululemon this morning. I'm waiting for my soot CRB, which should be delivered tomorrow. Boy, does that seem like forever.  I love the new colors uploaded, but am going to try to make it to a store to see how they look on me (as opposed to the thin models they use)- red and yellow might not be very forgiving! 

I should really stick a pedometer on me because since I got this puppy, I don't think I have sat down for more than 5 minutes at a time! Except to write this, of course. 

By the way, if you haven't shopped on Ruelala.com before, you don't know what you are missing. There are some amazing brands and great prices. Everyday at 11 am, and often at 3 pm, I log in. My most recent purchase on ruelala.com was Schmidt brothers steak knives. I also get Bedhead pjs, and lots of Prada shoes! Oops. I'd like to say it is just fun to look, but too often I hit that darn purchase button. Here is a link.