Friday, July 5, 2013

Group power. Wimbledon woo hoo.

A friend had this on their facebook page and I thought it was too funny. I think everyone I know is  bothered by their weight and "trying" to do something about it. If only it was an easy fix....

I remember how much I love group power now. The ab track was especially grueling and I know I'll be feeling it in my shoulders later. The only track I don't usually love is the lunge one and this release had no lunges, just lots of crouching and one leg balance work. My charcoal wunder unders definitely have piling between the legs, but since I am the only one who knows, and now you do to, I can live with it. No limits tank was perfect for today, since sometimes when I am super sweaty peeling out of a bra can dislocate a shoulder! True, right?

I have to say, that of all the pro athletes out there, I think tennis players have to be in the best shape ever. Have you seen those leg muscles? And core? And the stamina to keep up play for hours? Wow. Have to go watch Djokovic and Del Potro fight it out. So fun!