Friday, July 5, 2013

Weebles wobble and I don't fall down!

I finally got my act together and remembered to put my orthotics in my Reebok Realflex transition shoes before I worked out and now I can honestly say that I love them. They were a tad too big without them and I noticed when I was doing some balance work that I was very wobbly. I immediately blamed being off balance to my new sneakers and I'm sure everyone laughed, but properly fitting shoes make a huge difference.  I'll see how they do in tabata tomorrow, if the puppy agrees.

Tonight's dinner, a burger and a potato with some grated parmesan cheese and Lawry's seasoning, was courtesy  It was not one of those meals that take longer to prepare than to actually eat. 

Looking forward to some good tennis on Sunday morning, but I do miss Federer. Oh well. I admit to not caring too much about the women's finals, as I'm not too invested in either player.