Saturday, July 13, 2013

Same old, same old Lululemon outfit. Am I in a rut?

I find myself wearing the same old, same old Lululemon clothes: groove crops, energy bra, and a black tank, usually a CRB. Tomorrow, I am going to wear something different, because its not as if I don't have a whole closet stocked with Lululemon. Of course, black is the most flattering and slimming, so I think that is why I gravitate to it and why I look the same in virtually all these pictures. Yup, tomorrow I am going to shake things up a bit.  I'd love to get that red CRB that was just uploaded, but it is! I do have a lot of swiftly tanks and vee necks, which I love and they are all fun colors, but use them mostly for running. They are not forgiving at all. 

As far as snacks, same old, same old, as well. Although I think there is enough variety in my fridge that I don't feel as if I am eating the same thing every day. Except for oatmeal and chocolate peanut butter at night, of course. I am enjoying the graham cracker/greek yogurt combination. Eating the same thing does make food shopping and planning pretty easy though! When I have time, I like to go through Pinterest and find new recipes and snack ideas. What did we do before Pinterest? I can't even imagine.

Thank goodness for tabata, because that is never the same old, same old. And that is probably why it is so hard. There are a ton of body weight exercises guaranteed to knock you out and each week we do a few new ones. Of course, the old standbys, like burpees and star jumps, are always there. Today's torture involved a lot of squat jumps, which just fatigue my legs so quickly. Group power is at 815 tomorrow and we will have to see how the puppy cooperates. 

Having a lazy Saturday after working out so hard is a treat! Well, lazy at least until the puppy wakes up.