Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fast Track Tank and mod moves crop. Heat wave diet !

I do like this top and it worked pretty well at Tabata. There was just enough support and after a little while, I forgot all about it (I was just focusing on getting through the class). I saw another woman wearing it in the Spry Blue and it was very slimming. Assuming I can get the puppy to cooperate I am going to wear the other one I bought tomorrow to Power. I would love more colors! I just hesitate to wear white across my middle. Do you hear me, Lululemon? 

I came home, showered and then a major storm came through and lightening hit the power lines right outside my house. After 5 hours with no power (and no AC) I think I lost about 5 gallons of water just from sweating, about as much as a tabata class. Ha! And without the pain! This heat wave diet is really working because all I want to do is drink water and I have no appetite. I'm still waiting for the cooler weather, though, I guess 84 is better than 94. I have been drinking Dr. Oz's chai coconut smoothie for lunch, with my variations of course, and its keeping me pretty full. I don't know what dinner is going to be since I don't want to open my fridge until it gets colder in there. You know, that doesn't leave a lot of options, does it? Maybe some Kashi cereal, assuming the milk is still good.