Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Track Attack shorts- my new love?

I don't think I will get to the gym today as my schedule got all thrown off by puppy and life, and there were no classes that I felt the need to push myself to get to- that's how I know I am tired...and sore from yesterday's workout. Just going up the steps today is a bit of a workout. I might go to Tabata tonight, but we shall see how the day progresses. This just might be my day off for the week. Tomorrow is either kick or run and Friday is Group power for sure. 

But, despite the fact that I might not exercise today, I am still wearing Lululemon. How (go ahead and pick your adjective) sad, crazy, obsessive, great is that? It does kindof remind me to be healthy. I am wearing my black clarity tank, which I think I have worn every day. Now if that came in red, I would be all over it. This tank is super soft and sweat absorbing (wow, I don't think I have mentioned in this post the heat at all!) Plus, I have on the new track attack shorts that I bought yesterday. See the Lululemon shopper in the back? That's because I walked out with the wrong size for the nimbus shorts. Oooh. I put them on and immediately said, I can either size down or I lost weight. Finding that a little hard to believe, I took the shorts off and noticed the wrong size. Darn. I was hoping to avoid another trip to the store. I might have to leave my wallet at home if I do. Anyway, I do like these shorts. They are a little baggy, especially when I look at the picture from the back, but more importantly, they don't rise up. That is really all I ask for in shorts. They are great for wearing around and if the weather ever gets cooler, I can imagine running in them as well. But for today, they are perfect for taking a nap!

My new Kona Kase came today and I'll be reviewing as I go along. I love the little notes that come in it. It was packed with food!

Going to catch up on some sleep while the puppy sleeps.