Friday, July 19, 2013

Track attack shorts. Part 2

Today I actually ran in my red Lululemon track attack shorts, instead of wearing them around the house and on puppy walks. They were pretty comfortable and I only had to adjust them a little bit. I consider this an a plus and I really hope they come out in more colors. Before I know it, Lululemon will be coming out with fall clothes/colors, even though it is almost 100 here. I wore them with First Base tank, in, you guessed it, black and grey. I didn't wear the new Fast Track tanks that I got because while they fit very well, I don't think there is enough support for 3 miles. Although my three miles were so slow and full of so many breaks, it probably would have been ok. I'll try it tomorrow for tabata. I'm having some discomfort in my left hip flexor and I don't know what that is all about. Even though I'm stretching it out, I am still aware that it is tight. Running twice a week? Check. I'll have to see how I feel next week, my legs were pretty tired from kick yesterday. By the way, I really love the July release for group kick, but the music was pretty awful. The release was leg heavy, which is fine with me, but I guess I was feeling it a bit today. 

Anyway, meals today are all easy and do not involve an oven. Breakfast was typical oatmeal/chocolate peanut butter and a sprinkling of chia seeds. Lunch was pineapple, coconut and cottage cheese, and the coffee I never got around to drinking this morning, and dinner might be a huge omelet with vegetables that have to be used up. That leaves room for some yummy snacks. Must be the heat, but I'm not hungry. Is that a new diet? The heatwave diet? I hear it is very popular all along the east coast.