Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lululemon Run Ta Ta Topper and Mod moves at Tabata

I still like the Ta Ta Topper a lot, but at times the fabric is billowy and maternity looking and at other times it looks just like a shirt. By wearing this am I admitting that I need a loose, flowy top, or is it better to be a little bulgey in a tight top. Does that make any sense? Yes, I spend way too much time with this concept and I think that is why I have so many Lululemon tops. I am looking for that perfect in between- until the middle is gone! Not too tight, like a CRB, and not too loose. I sound like Goldilocks. The middle is getting better, but I need it Gone, Girl. BTW, if you haven't read that book be gone with you until you get it. Mod moves held up perfectly for tabata and I never gave them a second thought. Everything stayed exactly where it should. Waistband didn't roll and the legs, once I got them evenly placed, stayed put. 

Still obsessing about that bag. Help! 

I slept about 5 minutes last night and this time, it wasn't the puppy's fault. The cats were chasing each other all over me. But, I said I was going to go no matter what and I did and then crashed. Truth of the matter, once I started moving, I was okay. Yup, you heard it here. It was only 45 minutes, and I kept saying I can power through it and I don't want to be half-assed and waste my time. I felt great when it was over- both physically (alright, I was really pooped) and mentally because I would have felt very guilty if I skipped it. Although it is time for some coffee now!