Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Where did all the flowers, I mean, camo go?

Remember that song? Am I dating myself?

Here is my thoughts on the latest Lululemon upload 3/4.

My budget is shot for the month- between my daughter's Madewell shopping spree and my home heating oil bill, I have an enormous credit card bill and it doesn't close for another 23 days. Yes, I am counting. So I am trying to be good. Plus, I feel so icky in the Luluemon clothes that I have, I am being very selective in my purchases. I think that will stop me from hitting enter and I am going to try to NOT go to a store. I know what happens when I do!

What I love and what I would buy if I could:

Camo.  I especially love the black on black print. I think the army fatigue is a little too much for me and it is everywhere right now  (J.crew has great looking sweatshirts)! Plus, I have this weird thing about not respecting the actual men and women who do wear camouflage. But, it is 7:30 am EST and it looks like the Forme Jacket II camo jacket is gone and only the larger sizes of the CRB are left. I don't think that is a surprise though. I hesitate to buy an energy bra since the last one I bought runs so small, I can't even wear it. So no camo for me.

Forthright 1/2 zip. OH right, that wasn't uploaded.

Wee are from space cadet blue. Really, really gorgeous. I don't need a jacket, but I would take a CRB or Power Y in this. Also saw hints that a scoop neck might be on the way.

Daily practice long sleeve in black. I used to have a white burnout manifesto tee and I never wore it. It was so, so tight, in the torso and arms, that I think I sold it on ebay. I can't remember, though, if it was the daily practice tee or just a plain something or other tee. The cut is slim, so that is a problem.  The black might be okay, though.

That's it!
This morning I am off to my small group training. Even though I did a lot of lifting when I was on vacation, it has been a few weeks now and I know this is going to be painful. But in a good way! Have a super morning.

Let me know if you scored a camo jacket!