Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No camo? Are you kidding me?

Lululemon? Hello? I'm waiting!

After selling out online what looks like all of the camouflage print, there is nothing with camo uploaded last night? Are they done with the run or waiting to increase the hype so that the website can crash again? I don't understand that if something is that popular, why they don't make/sell more? The printed towel does NOT count. The stock could certainly use the increase, that is for sure. I am so disappointed that it was not uploaded last night. Did any of that rant make sense? Was that even English I was typing? This time change is killing me!

I did actually buy two things, though. My first since December, I think. I hope they will be keepers!

I ordered the scoop neck luon in parallel stripe. It is a little weird that the back is just black, but that is okay, I think the print would have been too busy if it all was stripe. As I have said many times, this is one of my favorite tanks. I have no idea when this was released. I just noticed it- oops.

The other was the wee are from space cadet blue CRB. I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but I really need to see what it looks like on because the print is just gorgeous.

A couple of other thoughts: I tried the transformation wrap on when it came out before (or a version of it, at least) and it was too much for me (only 5 foot 1). I was also seriously tempted by the wunder under crop roll down in heathered black, but I have never worn cotton before to workout. Lastly, I am loving the striped dot print for spring and am excited to see it in some tops. That was it, folks. 

Anyway, time to get moving for my small group training. More later!