Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lululemon yoga over skirt

Is that what the name of the new long skirt is? I am having a very senior moment, especially while I type with my bum finger. But, a bum finger does not stop one from shopping, does it? I used the long car ride and the heat on my seat to perk myself up and recover from group kick. A cup of coffee would have done the trick, too. Oh well. I took my daughter to Madewell (love) and bought her a ton of clothes. Which I want! Then I stopped into Lululemon, just because.

I tried on the black yoga over skirt because the overly peppy "educator" told me all about the ways to wear it. Except none of it looked good on me. I actually thought it actually looked a little Elvira like. I guess I like my skirts a little more flowy and not like a wetsuit.

You know I love my reverse groove crops from a zillion years ago. They are in probably every other picture. They are thick and compressive like Spanx. The best! I tried on the gather and grow, just because... and now they are made with full luon so I had my fingers crossed....

Beyond awful. The crotch was weird and my butt looked more enormous than usual. I guess I have to treat my groove crops with kid gloves, since it doesn't look like they are coming back anytime soon. Bummer! I've got my fingers crossed for more forthright 1/2 zip! Pretty please!

Oh, and the beachscape CRB seemed really thin. I would have liked to try it on (busy pattern= camouflage for middd?), but they didn't have my size. 

I did see Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe collection at Nordstrom. They looked like Manolo's to me. They were displayed so perfectly. I wish I could have taken a picture. OH well. Next time!