Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lululemon antidote energy bra part 2

Okay, the new sizing energy bra is basically a size up, at least for me. The new 6 fits like the old 4, except it seems quite tight in the band. I don't know if this is something that will give a little in time, but regardless it is wearable. Does anyone know if any of the other bras have this resizing issue? Also wearing wunder unders and black baroque CRB. This seems to be my uniform lately.

I also got the new shopper tote, which I like, except for the "go have sex part." With all the teenage girls wearing Lululemon headbands, I think this is a little inappropriate. Sorry, I am feeling like an old, prudish mother. But I guess I am! 

I didn't make it to blast this morning, so I did a half hour on the elliptical (boring) and then some weights. I need to get back to weights three days a week, and the tabata I do on Thursdays is sort of weights. On Thursday, we did these awful squats, "ass to the grass" where your butt goes way below 90 degrees and I am still sore from them. It has been a week of being sore! I love it. Except when I am going up steps. Or when I have to go wash my hair and my arms are jelly. Now it is time to plop down on the sofa. Is it Walking Dead time? I need my zombie fix. I can't believe there is one episode after tonight. Big fat tears!