Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lululemon Forthright 1/2 zip

This is after tabata. And after sitting on my sofa for a good half hour to recover in order to take a shower. I'm blaming in on going on vacation and skipping my usual workouts. Yikes! It is not like I skipped 10 days of working out either-- I exercised a lot! Anyway, here is my new favorite top! 

And, my "uniform" is the faded zap energy bra, ruffled CRB and groove crops.

I'm having my afternoon latte and reading the latest John Wells novel (so far, just eh) and my almost 17 year old is watching Happy Feet 2. We are both under covers and being a little lazy right now. Her excuse is jet lag. I guess I don't have on. 

Oh, made the kale salad again and I still like it! I like it, I really like it! Have a great afternoon!