Friday, March 21, 2014

Lululemon Energy bra sizing issues?

I had read somewhere about this and now I totally believe it. I have often complained about an energy bra that I bought in size 4 and that I could barely fit into it. I have been wearing a 4 since they released the energy bras and I have it way too many colors. I thought that I gained a lot of weight. Which I did, but I guess it wasn't that.

I was in Lululemon today and was so excited to see ANTIDOTE energy bras. I love a little color popping out since most of my tops are, as you know, black. My daughter convinced me to try it and I am so glad I did, because I couldn't even get it on. So I came home with a 6, and here are my pictures comparing everything. The faded zap is a 4, the black and white is the new 4, and the antidote is a 6.

 Okay, this is thee difference between the new 4 and I guess the new 6.

This is the difference between the old 4 and the new 6.

This is the difference between the old 4 and the new 4.

So I don't get it. How do you just resize something like that and why? I will try on the 6 tomorrow and hope it isn't too big. If so, I am done with energy bras and that would be sad. I'll let you know.

I also tried on the green camo forme and while I loved it, I felt a little too army in it. Plus, I'm still waiting for more forthright 1/2 zip. I might be waiting a long time!

That's it. My daughter got a prom dress that isn't revealing. Some of those dresses are unbelievable- all cut out and no back. Yikes. Am I sounding like an old lady now?

By the way, Blacklist? Really good. I've been waiting for that part of the story. That's the only part I really care about. The rest is just background to me.