Monday, March 3, 2014

Remember that vow I made to eat clean

for one week? It starts later today.

We ended up bringing back Cheesecake Factory last night for dinner and the portions are so crazy, it was enough for dinner last night and lunch today. We are so predictable that we always get the same thing: Factory Burrito Grande. Sometimes we split the Factory chopped salad, but I am on a kale salad kick, so I skipped that. Last night I ordered the Adam's Ripple cheesecake and my daughter got the new Smores cheesecake. Both are beyond incredible! Do you think they put a lot of sugar in the whipped cream because I could just eat the whipped cream. What do you normally order when you eat there?

This made me laugh!              

I don't know what happened to the other pictures, but I much rather look at that them than this side view. As Jimmy Fallon would say, "EW." My Lululemon brisk bloom scoop neck is one of my favorite things to wear to spin- easy off! There were tons of random noises keeping me awake last night. You know how sometimes your house is loud? This is going to be an ugly hour! Quick, get that mantra going!

I am sure I will come home and crash on the sofa for a bit so I can watch last night's Walking Dead. Can't wait! 

By the way, Pharrell's grammy hat (you know the one everyone was talking about) was listed on Ebay by Pharrell and it sold for $44,100. The money all went to charity. The winner? Arby's, who tweeted,   "We're HAPPY to support a great cause and get our hat back." Ha ha! More later! More on Kim Novak!